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" Brutal Neglect "  a documentary by Sophie May

about a hugely significant piece of Brutalist Architecture called Hotel Thermal. 

Hotel Thermal is widely known for hosting the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic since it’s completion in 1977. Since 1989 the architect Vera Machonin (now 90 years old) has fought a battle for the survival of Hotel Thermal, whose fate lies in the hands of the Ministry of Culture and Finance. It has come close to being sold off and reconstructed or demolished several times and these threats continue. The buildings’ future is still in a state of flux and now the Machonin’s grandchildren have taken over the battle. They run a campaign “Respekt Madame” which primarily aims to get the building declared a National Heritage Site and enable a respectful restoration. Now tasteless reconstruction plans loom over it against the wishes of the architect and her family. We hope that this film will act a reminder of its significance and maybe sway opinions in order to change its fate.

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