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Une infinie caresse numerique by Baptiste Lavigne


The whole concept of the story was to show how the character evolves between two worlds: digital and reality. The screen is split (in two 4/3) most of the time , showing the same scene through different angles, playing with the illusion of being one image in 2/35, showing a computer screen or 3D image. But there are also some parts of the movie who are shot in 2/35 mostly when the character progresses or has a strong emotion.

So in terms of framing it was really interesting to think about how to combine those different formats, and make it work into the space. We shot all the apartment scenes in studio, I tried to work with, soft neon colours and gradient shadow. The idea was to divide the space by creating a different ambiance of light and colour. With the director, we wanted the image to contrast with the flatness of digital images.

If you would like to see more, please ask me by mail.
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